Research & Publications


We have carried out research works to unravel the remote and immediate causes of conflicts and crises in Niger Delta and Jos in Nigeria, Freetown Sierra Leone, Bouake and Adjime Cote D`Ivoire, Central Congo DRC, Darfur Sudan, D’jemena Chad, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Syria in the Middle East as well as Guinea Bissau etc. in order to proffer solution.

In our effort to unravel the remote causes of conflict and crises globally, we have written a 860 page compendium called “MIDDLE EAST CRISES“ in two volumes, (a custodial of intellectual heritage) that traced the genesis of the crises in the Middle East especially that of Israel and Palestine to the present day road map.

Our 467 page book titled; “PEACE CULTURE” a monumental evidence for global co-existence in a new world peace order is aimed at conflict resolution, providing A – Z mediation, and laying a solid foundation for global peace building is a peace manual for all.

  1. Middle east crises
  2. Peace culture