Vision, Mission, Philosophy & Values


African Peace Foundation envisions that Africa and the entire universe can become peaceful devoid of rancor, violence, conflicts, crises, or war where love, care, freedom, equality and justice as well as good governance will be the benefit of every individual irrespective of race, creed or religion






African Peace Foundation

African Peace Foundation is established to consolidate the efforts, spirit and aspiration of African leaders and heroes, that quality Education for the youths, caring for the aged, Empowerment of women and widows and Gender balancing must be achieved. By this, we shall collaborate with other civil societies, individuals, organizations and government institutions throughout the world to inject the culture of peace into the lives of the generality of the people who for a long time have been living perpetually in conflict.



  1. To achieve the establishment of peace building objectives that promote inclusion, strengthen community security, advance justice, and bridge divides in fragile environments as vital elements for transforming peace into unity.
  2. Eradicate poverty among the less privileged and promote longevity especially in the rural communities
  3. Establish Academic institutions to promote peace culture and enhance Africa’s socio- economic development.
  4. Build societal & cultural norms and values; promote good governance as well as human rights protection.
  5. Lay a platform for African leaders to emulate through a rewarding system that promotes African development.



African Peace Foundation have an ingrain philosophy that peace can be sought, brought about, maintained and eradicated by collective responsibility and that proper recognition and reward can be given for outstanding peace achievements to motivate others to  participate in peace building and peace culture education.






African Peace Foundation

Our core values center upon:

  • Peaceful Co-existence (Peace Culture)
  • Human Right Protection(Humanity, Respect, Justice and Equality)
  • Professionalism (Excellence, Standard, Ethics, Moral and Quality)
  • Good Governance (Transparency, Honesty, Integrity and Accountability)






African Peace Foundation

The establishment of this organization has drawn this far because we believe that dealing with the subject of peace is dealing with the whole world and Africa in particular, especially from its historical and cultural antecedent.  This we generally believe will lead

to the fulfillment of in-depth conception of our aspiration as a people and patriots.  In this, our scope is unlimited to the African continent, hence African Peace Foundation strives to establish offices in all the countries of Africa and other continents in order to reach the generality of the people that the organization was established to serve.



African Peace Foundation

APF’s work focuses on these interrelated strategic priorities, seeking to strategically implement them in a coherent and complementary way to homogenize the establishment;

  1. Employing pro-active approach through seminars, workshops, conferences, peace summits to eliminate violence, youth restiveness and mediate through dialogue where conflict emerges.
  2. Employing equality strategies including affirmative action’s for women and youths, caring for widows and the Aged as effective strategies to for the elimination of poverty.
  3. Compassionately respond and take responsibility to care for the victims of crises and wars by providing relief, empowerment in monetary and/or items.
  4. Embarking on the establishment of;
  5. Educational institutions as a platform for positive research on any human endeavour and document them for resource purposes.
  6. Offering scholarships to deserving students to study in any institution of their choice both home and abroad.
  7. Working through strategic partnership, in propagation of societal norms and values for the imbibment of peace culture.
  8. Organizing “AFRICAN PEACE LEGEND AWARD”bi-annually through an event management outfit to confer the highest noble honours on deserving outstanding African leaders who contributed to the emancipation, development, peace and unity of Africa.